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European social dialogue: 30 years of experience and progress, but what does the future hold?

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Val Duchesse” meetings, the Jacques Delors Institute publishes this policy paper by Jean Lapeyre, in which he traces the birth, evolution and future prospects of the European social dialogue.

26/01/2015 Policy paper - Jean Lapeyre

Jean-Claude Junker discusses the Commission presidency and the Delors years

On 22 January 1995, Jacques Delors ended his second term at the head of the European Commission, before founding " Notre Europe ". 20 years later, Jean-Claude Junker discusses the Commission presidency and the Delors years.

22/01/2015 Tribune - Jean-Claude Juncker

ISDS in TTIP: the devil is in the details

Elvire Fabry and Giorgio Garbasso sift through the arguments for and against the inclusion of an Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism in the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

16/01/2015 Policy paper - Elvire Fabry and Giorgio Garbasso

Cohesion policy facing the crisis: what effects for the EU's regions?

This Policy Paper by Patrick Faucheur seeks to highlight the changes that have occurred in the development of regions since the crisis and it focuses on the role that Cohesion Policy has played in this context.

15/01/2015 Policy paper - Patrick Faucheur

Border control and the right of asylum: Where is the EU heading?

This policy paper by Corinne Balleix presents a state of play of EU's initiatives in the fields of border control and right of asylum, an assessment of solidarity mecanisms between member states and recommendations for the post-Stockholm programme.

19/06/2014 Policy paper - Corinne Balleix
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