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Pascal Lamy on SIC Noticias to talk about globalisation and the state of the EU

Our honoray president, Pascal Lamy, gave an interview to the Portuguese television SIC Noticias, on 15 July 2014, in the framework of a conference organised by the Gulbenkian Foundation on "The European Union after the elections: what strategy in the ...

21/07/2014 Interview - Pascal Lamy

The reality of precaution: comparative analysis EU - USA

This Synthesis underlines the main arguments of the book "The reality of precaution", which shed light over the claims of a more precautionary Europe compared with the USA. The book proves they are largely based on stereotypes and generalisations.

18/07/2014 Synthesis - Elvire Fabry and Giorgio Garbasso

Yves Bertoncini on France Culture to analyse the new political challenges faced by the EU

Yves Bertoncini, our director, is the guest of "Les matins d'été de France Culture" presented by Nicolas Martin on Thursday, 17 July from 7am to 8 am to analyse the new political challenges faced by the EU.

17/07/2014 Programme - Yves Bertoncini

The Commission reform: between efficiency and legitimacy

This Policy paper by António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini develops three sets of analyses and recommendations on the organisation of the Commission, focusing on the key political issues underlying any successful reform and proposing some functional ...

08/07/2014 Policy paper - Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino

Sami Andoura in Europe's World: Energy and competitiveness in Europe

Sami Andoura has commented in Europe's World the contribution from Jürgen Trittin to the current debate over the competitiveness of European economy and its energy sector.

03/07/2014 Tribune

Border control and the right of asylum: Where is the EU heading?

This policy paper by Corinne Balleix presents a state of play of EU's initiatives in the fields of border control and right of asylum, an assessment of solidarity mecanisms between member states and recommendations for the post-Stockholm programme.

19/06/2014 Policy paper - Corinne Balleix
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